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Shop Authentic Tufting Machines

All Thing EFFY stocks only genuine tufting machines from the top manufacturer in the world.

Each machine comes with a 6 month Warranty provided by EFFY. If you encounter any issues withn the first 6 months we will repair or replace your machine.

Rug Tufting Starter Kits

The most Comprehensive Starter Kit

Everything you need to start tufting with NO FUSS

Tufting Cloth

Shop Primary Tufting Cloth, Premium Tufting Cloth and Secondary Backng Fabric

Shop Rug Carvers and Guides

We have two carvers for you to choose from. The Rosewood Caver is excellent for Cotton and Acrylic Yarn. The Heavy Duty Carver has a bit more power and is excellent for Wool and Acrylic

Affordable and Fast Shipping within North America

30 Days to 6 Month Warranty on tufting equipment

Friendly & knowledgable customer support

Quality Authentic Products

We pride ourselves in walking the talk

Ask us all your Rug Tufting related questions, we love yarning to you about our passion for anything creative.


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