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The Bare Basic Starter Kit

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Are you looking to start Rug Tufting with just the essentials? Then this kit is for you. 

Don't forget to check out our more comprehesive starter kit for a complete no fuss start!

What's included:

  • The Authentic AK-I cut Pile Tufting Gun, Authentic AK DUO cut and loop pile tufting gun, or the new ultra quiet, low vibration Ak-V
  • Tufting Frame 90cm x 90cm (great for a small area rug) or build your own
  • 200cm x 200cm Rug Tufting Fabric

Our machines are the authentic machines that have been on the market since 2018. They come with a six month warranty. EFFY's machines are also customized to use only premium materials. This means we upgrade the motors, scissor, and other metals used to make the machine providing you with a machine of supiour quality. 

The Tufting Frame is an essential. Stretch your primary tufting fabric over the tacks until it's tight as a drum!

In this kit you also get enough fabric for 4 frames. This is standard tufting fabric that's 70% polyester and 30% cotton. You need a special fabric for tufting as it needs to have the right weave and strength to withstand the pressure and motion of the tufting gun. 

What you'll need to purchase: my recommendations:

  • 105cm x 205cm Non Slip Rug Backing
  • 10meters of 4cm rug binding
  • Rosewood Carver (200W- for cotton and acrylic) or Heavy Duty Carver (250W - for wool)
  • Carving Guide for chosen carver
  • Yarn Winder - wind up those cakes to tuft with 
  • Sustainable lint remover - easiest way to clean your carpet after carving.
  • Curved tip carving scissors
  • Duckbill scissors

Rug Wool (not knitting wool) or an alernative material to tuft with. Genearally you need enough yarn fed into your machine so that the needle tip is full. This gives the best results. 

Our Rug Wool is available for purchase here

Liquid Latex - It's truly so important to finish your rug with the right glue so that all that work stays locked in place. We really reccommend finding a carpet latex glue or pure liquid lates. While again our liquid latex is not avaialbe at EFFY Canda yet, our new zealand made liquid latex can be purchased from Why liquid latex? It's just a layer of rubber adhered to the back of your rug. It keeps the rug super flexible like a rug should be. Liquid latex also doesn't degrade the fibers of your rug over time like other glues and adhesives. 

Other adhesives - You'll likely want spray adhesive to apply your backing fabric and possibly fabric glue  or a glue gun to apply binding.  For spray adhesives we recommend something durable from your local hardware store.

Other tool:

OIL: You will need oil to maintain your carver and tufting gun. Use tiny dabs of 3 in 1 oil frequently on moving parts to keep your tool in tip top condition

CLEANING BRUSH: Grab a fluffy brush to keep the buildup of fibers on youur machines to a minimus. Fiber buildup can actually stop your machine from working!


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